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Author's notes:
  • I tried to make an ‘adolescent’ chaos (Yeshua) uwu – What I mean is, basically, the chaos that we all know and love now has matured (those situational responses of his…) already. And I’m speculating on how he’s portrayed when he was young (emotionally and mentally in particular)
  • I can’t get my mind out of Mary’s appearences’ sequences in the game, moreover her facial expression uwu
  • I don’t know what to name The Maiden :(
  • Sorry about my horrible grammar…

Chapter 01 - In the beginning…

What I can see was black, everything was dark. I felt like… being floating somewhere. There was nothing around me but lights. These lights are but small and there were many of them. Countless. That’s it, nothing else. There was no noises as well. It was all silence.

Until I heard something, or someone whispered my name.


“Yeshua, wake up! It’s morning already…!”

Sunlight pierced into my eyeballs immediately after I offer them for the morning light. I raise from my bed reluctantly.

Not another morning…

I hung my head on my neck. I sighed.

“Yeshua, c’mon! Help me and Mary counting the money!”

I came out from my room and found a loads of stuffs being piled up everywhere. Mary and her Maiden sat between them, seemed to have no problem at all. I could also see coins piled up on the desk. What they’re doing are certainly not what women at their age commonly do in Israel.

That’s right, we’re served our Rabbi. Our Rabbi is the man who everyone–well, not all of them–acknowledged as The Christ, The Messiah. Mary was appointed as his exchequer. And so we also getting involved in this… business.

“But I rather hear Rabbi’s teachings…” I muttered, but nevertheless move approching them.

“We know you also did many things, Yeshua. Besides, Rabbi surely loves to take us everywhere while preaching and teaching to many people, but today is a good opportunity to stay at home. And also resting your body from moving too much. Remember the other day when your legs were all swollen?” said the woman in black hair. The woman’s name is Mary Magdelene. I felt that her gentle blue eyes spoken those words instead of her mouth, her eyes moved instead of her lips.

“Here, you can start with these coins.” The other woman with her hood on gave me some coins to be counted.

I sat on a pillow and started to count a few.



“I dreamed again last night.”

“Was is it the same dream?”

I nod my head. “Yes. It was all the same dream. But each night, I felt that there’s always something new about the dream. What do you think?”

Mary didn’t reply.

“Oh!” Mary’s Maiden raise from her seat. “Mary, let’s go for today’s grocheries.”

“Okay.” Mary nodded and turned her head to me. “Yeshua, come with us!”


“C’mon! It’ll be great to have all of us. Besides, it will be a new experience too for Yeshua.”

Well, I guess it’s better than staying at home alone. “Alright.”

And right after I rise from my seat, something was… beating. It pushed and dropped my body back to my seat.

“Yeshua?” Mary seemed to notice something out of ordinary.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I’m fine. Let’s go.”

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