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November 1st, 2014 
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Author's notes:
  • I tried to make an ‘adolescent’ chaos (Yeshua) uwu – What I mean is, basically, the chaos that we all know and love now has matured (those situational responses of his…) already. And I’m speculating on how he’s portrayed when he was young (emotionally and mentally in particular)
  • I can’t get my mind out of Mary’s appearences’ sequences in the game, moreover her facial expression uwu
  • I don’t know what to name The Maiden :(
  • Sorry about my horrible grammar…

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Because I really love CHOCO's art style (his coloring style, to be precise) and design ^^ and so, I gave attentions to the design and the details too.
I think I gave too many options but enjoy!



If you want the coloring, go here. If you have Tumblr please like or reblog if you download and use the coloring.

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More of CHOCO. This time, it's his original manga Ignaju Crossgates Station.



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