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November 2nd, 2014 
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I forgot to make these, I'm so sorry for being clumsy...



It's only 2 artworks and I can't give more variations, once again so sorry for this...

12:39 pm - Vacant Noise
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Fandom: Xenosaga
Warning: sad, angst, guilt and major spoilers in EPII.
Summary: Jr. has a nightmare about his past and then continued with the aftermath of Jr.'s battle with Albedo in the end of EPII.

*note: Actually this fic was inspired from a fan comic (a 3 parts doujinshi) and a fan art of Xenosaga which instead depict Shion instead of Rubedo nor Albedo. I tried to make a comic about this, but it wasn't finished so I try to translate the thing into to writing instead. The dream scene is depicted surrealistic according to my head so I don't know what's in yours. BTW, my style is 1st person, so... no offense to those who has read like millions of fan fics before. And this is actually my first proper fanfic, so... Oh, and remember that Jr. addresses Ziggy as 'old man'. Oh, there's so much feels in writing this fic. En...joy??

You were half of me, long time ago... )
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