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h_natasia: alice wonderland prompts (pic#8467354)

a playlist dedicated to the mother of humanity, also known as The Mother God. [listen]

01. Everybody Wants to Rule the World // Lorde
02. Feathers (Don't Change On Me) // Absofacto
04. Wine Red // The Hush Sound
05. Had Not Enough // Ivy & Gold
06. Everything you've ever dreamed // ARIANNE
07. Blumenkranz // Paperblossom
08. Sacrifice // Jeff Williams feat. Casey Lee Williams
09. Seven Devils // Florence + The Machine
10. Thanatos // Soap&Skin
11. XaaaCi. // Noriko Mitose
12. EXEC_over.METHOD_SUBLIMATION.~lamenza // Akiko Shikata

I always wanted to do something for Miang. But still I suck because I got no graphic tablet, I decided to make her a fanmix instead.

To be honest, I haven't finished Xenogears but I have read spoilers about who she is, (so slap me) and I found that she's a truly interesting character (and a dangerous one) and wonder why I never got a mention of her in the fanbase. This Miang fan shrine can help.

W-wait, she was a hated character?? I found her awesome instead!
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