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night - a playlist 
11-14 09:41 pm
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enjoy your melancholy and chilling nighttime.
good night. [listen]

01. open your heart // Emily Bindiger
02. 200X // Emi Fujita
03. hollow // Tainaka Sachi
04. in this serenity // Mayumi Gojo
05. The Girl Who Closed Her Heart // Shelagh Sutherland
06. Emil / Sacrifice // Emi Evans
07. L'Apôtre de la Lune (2 pianos) =3EM12= // Shiro Sagisu
08. Yuna's Determination // Aki Kuroda
09. The Other Promise // Hiroyuki Nakayama
10. Long Night (Esme's Favorite) // Star Salzman
11. when the grief lets you go // Yuki Kajiura
12. Eternity ~Memory of Light and Waves~ // Hiroko Kokubu
13. Kannaduki no Ningyo // Yasunori Mitsuda, KALTA, Yoko Ueno
14. Yo ga Akeru made // LieN
15. Pain -piano version- // Yasuharu Nakanishi
16. Kokoro Piano Version // Yasunaru Nakanishi
17. Sakura #2 (theme-simple voc.ver.) // Margaret Dorn
18. maybe tomorrow (Xenosaga III Ending Theme) // Emily Curtis
19. Faraway Promise -Piano Version- // Natsumi Kameoka

My first playlist ever published in 8tracks. This time I only want to let people know the tracks I put in this playlist and made a new cover (because at that time, I just got my new laptop and I got no Photoshop installed in it).

[09/11/2014] I've updated the playlist with new tracks.
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