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10-14 12:55 am
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..and welcome to this blog. This blog is my writing prompt blog. I write both original fics (please don't steal my writings) and fan fics and dump them here. I don't write yaoi/yuri ships.

I also try to make icons (just at 01/11/2014 so don't expect too much) for fandoms that are not mainly mainstream. Don't expect me to post icons often because college fries my brain's motherboard every single day. Requests are accepted.


seishoujo [or h_natasia]
18 / ♀ / Indonesian / Binusian 2018 / an overall amateur / a gamer and a gaming enthusiast / an extreme procrastinator who tries to draw at least one drawing everyday, but fails horribly / a tortured soul of college life

video games: kingdom hearts, xenosaga, xenogears, final fantasy, ar tonelico/nosurge (exa pico universe), dot hack, god eater, tales of series, touhou, kantai collection, blazblue, drakengard, nier, el shaddai, melty blood, fate/extra, persona, odin sphere, mana khemia, bayonetta, devil may cry, dead or alive, ninja gaiden, koei warriors, hyperdimension neptune, queen's gate, tekken, soul calibur, assassin's creed, guilty gear, super robot wars og endless frontier, metal gear, the world ends with you, imaginary range

anime: evangelion, puella magi madoka magica, kill la kill, senki zesshou symphogear, noragami, aldnoah.zero, psycho-pass, fate/zero, kara no kyoukai, canaan, saint onii-san, princess tutu, monogatari series, ghost in the shell, gosick, fullmetal alchemist, genei wo kakeru taiyou, carnival phantasm, final fantasy unlimited, tokyo ghoul

manga: pandora hearts, kuroshitsuji, bakuman, mirai nikki, deadman wonderland, letter bee, ignaju crossgates station

visual novel: shikkoku no sharnoth, higurashi no naku koro ni, narcissu, juniper's knot, chaos;head, steins;gate, phenomeno, tsukihime, umineko no naku koro ni, fate/stay night, saya no uta, i/o, true remembrance, higanbana no saku yoru ni

tv shows
: sherlock, hannibal, the following, ncis, csi, psych, how i met your mother, once upon a time, law and order, horrible histories, true detective

books: the holy bible, life of pi, thus spoke zarathustra, alice's adventures in wonderland

movies: marvel movies (not all tho), the dark knight trilogy, the best offer, the hobbit, the silence of the lambs, shrek (the 1st and 2nd movies only), les miserables, life of pi, the gods must be crazy (1st movie only), a series of unfortunate events, harry potter, sister act, faust [1926], monty phyton and the holy grail, the grand budapest hotel, evan almighty, sherlock holmes, the adventures of tintin, gray, forest gump, labyrinth, jack and jill, kung-fu hustle, star wars
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