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2014-10-31 12:55 am
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[sticky entry] Sticky: Hello

..and welcome to this blog. This blog is my writing prompt blog. I write both original fics (please don't steal my writings) and fan fics and dump them here. I don't write yaoi/yuri ships.

I also try to make icons (just at 01/11/2014 so don't expect too much) for fandoms that are not mainly mainstream. Don't expect me to post icons often because college fries my brain's motherboard every single day. Requests are accepted.


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2014-11-08 09:41 pm
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night - a playlist

enjoy your melancholy and chilling nighttime.
good night. [listen]

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My first playlist ever published in 8tracks. This time I only want to let people know the tracks I put in this playlist and made a new cover (because at that time, I just got my new laptop and I got no Photoshop installed in it).

[09/11/2014] I've updated the playlist with new tracks.
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2014-11-08 02:17 pm
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contradiction - a Miang Hawwa fanmix

a playlist dedicated to the mother of humanity, also known as The Mother God. [listen]

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I always wanted to do something for Miang. But still I suck because I got no graphic tablet, I decided to make her a fanmix instead.

To be honest, I haven't finished Xenogears but I have read spoilers about who she is, (so slap me) and I found that she's a truly interesting character (and a dangerous one) and wonder why I never got a mention of her in the fanbase. This Miang fan shrine can help.

W-wait, she was a hated character?? I found her awesome instead!
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2014-11-02 12:39 pm
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Vacant Noise

Fandom: Xenosaga
Warning: sad, angst, guilt and major spoilers in EPII.
Summary: Jr. has a nightmare about his past and then continued with the aftermath of Jr.'s battle with Albedo in the end of EPII.

*note: Actually this fic was inspired from a fan comic (a 3 parts doujinshi) and a fan art of Xenosaga which instead depict Shion instead of Rubedo nor Albedo. I tried to make a comic about this, but it wasn't finished so I try to translate the thing into to writing instead. The dream scene is depicted surrealistic according to my head so I don't know what's in yours. BTW, my style is 1st person, so... no offense to those who has read like millions of fan fics before. And this is actually my first proper fanfic, so... Oh, and remember that Jr. addresses Ziggy as 'old man'. Oh, there's so much feels in writing this fic. En...joy??

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2014-11-02 11:55 am
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Infinite Stratos CHOCO ver. Vol. 07 & 09 Cover Artworks [11 icons]

I forgot to make these, I'm so sorry for being clumsy...



It's only 2 artworks and I can't give more variations, once again so sorry for this...

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2014-11-01 10:15 pm

Ignaju Crossgates Station Cover Artworks [50 icons]

More of CHOCO. This time, it's his original manga Ignaju Crossgates Station.



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2014-11-01 07:21 pm
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Infinite Stratos CHOCO ver. Vol. 01-06 & 08 Cover Artworks [31 icons]

Because I really love CHOCO's art style (his coloring style, to be precise) and design ^^ and so, I gave attentions to the design and the details too.
I think I gave too many options but enjoy!



If you want the coloring, go here. If you have Tumblr please like or reblog if you download and use the coloring.

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2014-11-01 10:48 am
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Xenosaga Episode 0 - Die Geburt der Tragödie (Ch 01)

Author's notes:
  • I tried to make an ‘adolescent’ chaos (Yeshua) uwu – What I mean is, basically, the chaos that we all know and love now has matured (those situational responses of his…) already. And I’m speculating on how he’s portrayed when he was young (emotionally and mentally in particular)
  • I can’t get my mind out of Mary’s appearences’ sequences in the game, moreover her facial expression uwu
  • I don’t know what to name The Maiden :(
  • Sorry about my horrible grammar…

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